Samirai battle scene choreographer Tetsuro Shimaguchi will come to "Listapad"


Samirai battle scene choreographer Tetsuro Shimaguchi will come to "Listapad"

Samirai battle scene choreographer Tetsuro Shimaguchi will come to "Listapad"
At one of the special events of the non-competition program of the XXVII Minsk International Film Festival "Listapad", Tetsuro Shimaguchi, widely known in Japan and abroad as an actor, director, producer, founder and director of the Kamui theater as well as the creator of the kengido style will conduct a master class - the martial art of using the Japanese sword.

Tetsuro Shimaguchi gained world fame after collaborating with director Quentin Tarantino. Shimaguchi-san became not only the choreographer of the battle scenes but also performed one of the memorable roles in the cult dilogy "Kill Bill".

Today Tetsuro Shimaguchi is considered one of the most famous modern samurai in Japan. In the late 1990s he figured out how not only to preserve but also to revive the martial art of his ancestors. In 1998 his samurai show “Kamui” appeared.

In their productions the actors appeal to the experience of the swordsmanship of kenjutsu and also use the techniques of acting in Kabuki theater. All the shows are based on stories from the Japanese epic as well as the moments that illustrate the modern history of the country. A frequent guest and full-fledged participant of the performances is the wife of Mr. Shimaguchi, singer Mika Kobayashi. Songs performed by her sounds in many national film projects and anime.

By the way, the star couple has already visited Minsk. In October 2018, Tetsuro Shimaguchi and the Kamui Theater gave a charity concert and a martial arts master class for everyone. At the same time, Mr. Simaguchi expressed a desire to open a branch of his own martial arts school in Minsk.

In April 2019, during a regular visit to Minsk, the master visited the National Film Studio "Belarusfilm" and was warmly received by its management. Shimaguchi-san assessed the scale and capabilities of the Film Studio. The possibility of the Belarusian-Japanese co-production was also discussed at the meeting.

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The 27th edition of MIFF «LISTAPAD» will take place on November 20-26, 2021